Weather Station 1: Year One

September 2, 2009

Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of Weather Station 1. Over the past year, I have written 700 posts about stupid people, rock bands, movies, politics, television, my kids and myself. Some of them were pretty good. Others made me wonder why I’d ever written them. And in that time, I’ve had readership that has now stretched into six figures. That’s pretty cool.

My top five posts, in order: The Killer Power Ranger, Crystal Defanti, Colin and Jane Moyle, Jason Leroy Savage and Meh. I don’t get that last one. There are posts on this site that took me hours to compose, and they’ve attracted a handful of readers. That one about Meh was a five-minute knockoff, and thousands have read it. I guess I just don’t understand modern readers.

Wait, of course I don’t understand modern readers! I’m in the newspaper business! Well, I was.

I began blogging in the mid 1990s via a service called Delphi, which is now gone. I was working as a newspaper reporter and columnist, and I wanted an outlet for the things I wanted to write about, not the things I was paid to write about. For a couple of years, I maintained a sarcastic web journal called just Weathereye. When Delphi shut down, so did my journal (the word “blog” hadn’t been coined yet). A while later, I had a Geocities page which served the same function, but I didn’t stick with it. Life got in the way, and it was a couple more years before I launched a new blog, this time via Blogger, called The Waystation. Then I joined MySpace and did some writing there, calling the blog The Weather Station, and then Facebook, until last year, when I decided I wanted one central site for the all the crap I had on the go.

When Weather Station 1 launched, it was on a really bad site called Blogdrive. See, I’m the kind of guy who likes to explore alternatives to the big guns, so I automatically said no to WordPress and Blogspot and LiveJournal. I spent a day formatting the blog and setting it up, discovering along the way that Blogdrive requires blog names to have both numbers and letters in the title (which makes zero sense). What the heck, I decided, and The Weather Station became Weather Station 1. Because of the alliteration.

I lasted about a week on Blogdrive. It was horrible to use. One night, bored, I opened a WordPress account and started playing with it, and realized how much easier it was. So I closed down Blogdrive, imported some old posts from earlier blogs, and on Sept. 2, 2008, Weather Station 1 was launched with one little post and a lot of bells and whistles, most of which have been pared away.

My stats for that day show two visits, and I know who those two people were, and so do they. A few days later, I told the world about the site, and I’ve been having fun with it ever since. On the down side, a lot of people found my site by Googling “topless weather.” Sorry to disappoint. On the plus side, a lot of my friends read it, and a lot of strangers. I sometimes wonder if the people I’m writing about in the Today’s Moron series read what I have to say about them. In fact, I hope they do. I’ve also had certain of my posts featured on trekmovie.com, The Huffington Post and other fine sites, and there was even a plagiarist a few weeks back who lifted my work for his own site. That’s flattery. And also stupid, and I let him know that.

I should point out that I am no prize myself. I have made some serious boneheaded mistakes in my time. But I still love writing about other people’s stupidity, because I think we all need to smarten up. If I can draw attention to the ridiculous things other people do, maybe someone else will learn how to behave, and our world will be a better place. See? One man CAN make a difference.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you keep coming back. Year Two promises to be even more fun.



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have some Maple Syrup cake.

  2. I’d still read your blog even if you didn’t have those compromising pics of me with the Ferengi waitress. 😉

    Happy birthday, Weatherstation 1!

  3. Many happy returns!

  4. And we love YOU for writing about other people’s stupidity!

  5. Proud to count myself among your readers. On many occasions I have been asked if I heard about a crazy story and the answer is: Yes, a friend in Canada reported that on Weather Station 1. Amen, brother!

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