Small Penis Alert

August 28, 2009

Oh, I love this. I absolutely love this. Alex Hess, an apartment manager in Toronto, has embarked on a mission: to identify the man who whizzed in his building’s lobby.

This being the 21st century in a surveillance society, there is, of course, video:

And a website, too: smallpenisalert.com.

All of this has hit the Internet like that clip of Hasselhoff eating a burger. And the mainstream media is in on it, with my former employer carrying a story that has fun with the whole thing. Now, the question is this: Does this website and viral video outbreak infringe on the whizzer’s right to privacy? I don’t think so. This isn’t like those shoplifting “wanted posters” I was talking about last week. This is an obvious douche with a problem, and this is a fantastic way to track him down.

One of these days, this guy is going to click on a link on digg.com, fark.com, reddit.com, YouTube or in some email, and be stunned to see his own stupid face looking back at him.

Author’s Note: I cannot verify Hess’s claim that the whizzer’s penis is inordinately small. I suggest we take his word for it.

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  1. Thanks Admin, Great share for me

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