Worst Music Video Ever Of The Week: Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe

July 21, 2009

Wrong on every level.

The “band” is Whale, which had just this one hit, proving that the combination of Scandinavian rapping, bad Euro-whoosh techno, Shatnery “singing,” a guy in tighty whiteys and an incomprehensible title do not add up to a music classic.

Wait, I just checked Wikipedia, because it was the only online reference I could find in a hurry, and it appears Whale was HUGE. Either that, or someone from Whale wrote the Wiki page.

Note: Whale also “wrote” a song called Young Dumb and Full of Come. I know this because I had Whale’s CD, We Care. Don’t look at me like that. I was a newspaper music critic, and it was sent to me for review. I believe I said much the same thing I said here.

You wouldn’t believe the crap I used to have in my CD collection.



  1. I had that CD in my collect too. Alterna-rap was probably the worst thing about the 90s. I blame the Beastie Boys and The Chili Peppers.

  2. Somebody told the singer to tilt her head, as if that gave her attitude!

  3. Bjork + Red Hot Chili Peppers – talent= Whale.

  4. OMG – how bad is that – totally changes my whole outlook on Whale music …

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