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Today’s Moron: Jax, aka Jack Charon

July 14, 2009

Dear Jax,

I notice that you have removed my post on the X-rated teacher from your blog. And when you removed it, all the fun comments from Weather Station 1 readers around the world went, too. That’s too bad; those comments were better than my original post, which you stole and claimed to be your own.

Luckily, Google caches everything. Not the comments, though, which is also too bad.

Stealing other people’s work is pretty easy, especially in the blogosphere. The only way a writer can track down a plagiarist is by randomly googling lines of text, hoping they lead to thieves. Not this time, though. See, Jax, you were stupid; when you copied and pasted my post, you brought along an embedded link to an earlier story on my blog. And I noticed, thanks to WordPress’s excellent tracking system, that a whole bunch of people were clicking on a link at your blog to get to mine. Wait, no, I made that up just to be nice. It was one person.

Anyway, I clicked on the referrer link, and found my own work, with your name on it. I Twittered about it, and before long people were letting you know what they think.

Please don’t think I’m upset or angry. I’m not. This whole thing has been an interesting experience. People steal from me all the time, but usually it’s just an idea, or a joke, not a whole article.

And after reading your blog, I understand why you did it. We all want to sound a little smarter sometimes.

Best wishes,


P.S. You’re a douchebag.