Headpins: Don’t It Make You Feel Like Dancing

June 28, 2009

Here’s one more music video tonight, a gem from the early days of music video. It’s a lot of fun. I hadn’t heard this in decades. When I was about 14, the Headpins opened for somebody or another in my town, and a TV commercial selling tickets featured clips from this video. The song was all over radio that year, but the band faded away pretty quickly. Or so I thought. I just Googled the Headpins and discovered three facts:

  • Singer Darby Mills (that’s her in the video) was the band’s second singer
  • The group was a Chilliwack side project. If you don’t remember Chilliwack, you probably aren’t a Canadian over 35.
  • The Headpins are still touring.

I was never a fan, and I never owned a Headpins recording, but the first few moments of this song yanked me right back to small-town Canadian summers in the early 80s, with a BMX bike, Pop Shoppe pop and a Pac-Man game at the pool hall.

Don’t it make you feel?



  1. I’m an American over 35, and I remember Chilliwack. I even saw Bryan Adams open up for Journey in about 1983.

  2. I saw Bryan Adams headlining here in Canada around that time. He may have schmaltzed out later in life (That stupid Robin Hood song springs to mind), but he really did rock his live shows when he was younger. I had a blast.

    Never saw Journey live. I suppose I could now, but it wouldn’t be the same, not without Steve Perry.

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