Prison Break II

June 23, 2009

There’s more to the recent escape of murderer Andrew John Wood, as Ontario newspapers are reporting today. It seems the psychologist at the Frontenac prison where Wood was serving his murder sentence has been charged with helping him flee.

Erin Danto, 35, was charged last week with aiding and abetting. Not that this was any high-tech, well-planned escape in the Michael Scofield vein; no, this is a low-security facility, and Wood just strolled away one day. He was caught last week north of Kingston, with Danto. Now he’s back behind bars — and I hope he really is behind bars, and not on some “work farm,” and Danto is facing trial.

Authorities say the two were caught up in a romantic relationship, and Danto helped Wood escape, then set him up with supplies so he could camp out in the forest for a while. This, as you now know, backfired. Read more here.

Unlike the Prison Break TV show, this doctor-inmate relationship will not end with dramatic escapes, miraculous resurrections, spy adventures and wardrobe changes at every commercial break. This will end with a couple of losers separated forever. As it should.

I’m sure Wood’s victim’s daughter, who replied to my earlier post on this topic, is relieved that this killer is in custody. Hey, I am, too, as is everyone who lives within hiding-in-the-bushes distance of Wood’s easy-to-flee prison.


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