Old Kids On The Block

June 20, 2009

The New Kids On The Block, who are touring the world again for some reason, are having trouble selling tickets. Now Donnie Wahlberg — who I will say is a better actor than his brother, but not by any stretch a great actor, but still a better actor than he is a singer, if that makes sense — has an announcement to make.

Tickets aren’t selling because of the recession.

I would suggest to you that maybe that’s not it, “kids.”

That’s all I have to say.



  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……

    Let’s see…your original fanbase are now mothers with family responsibilities, do they want to pay a babysitter for NKOTB? Or the equal, exchange brownie points with the hubby for going to see some teenage crush? And speaking of, who wants to relive teenage crushes? I reference Loba Blanca’s latest book review (#19). And the fact that the object of your teenage crush is now some 30-something wannabee. And was it even a teenage crush? Those are, perhaps, wrapped in a certain glow worth remembering. But how about an early, i.e. 13 year old girl, crush? Hopefully your taste in the gender you prefer matures as you do. And speaking of taste, there is something called taste in music. But I can’t even call what was marketed as NKOTB music.

    Not that you, dear Kennedy, needed any of that fleshed out for you. Your post was elegant in it’s simplicity. I’m just killing time at work, and writing this has given me an outlet for the “eww” shivers that coursed through my body when I read your reference to NKOTB. God, even typing the initials NKOTB makes me queasy. I need to go listen to something very good now, and cleanse my palette.

  2. I need to sleep. It’s late.

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