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2012: Still A Real Movie, Buddy

June 19, 2009

The new trailer for Roland Emmerich’s disaster epic, 2012, is online. Just don’t tell Buddy, my old pal. As I’ve mentioned here before, Buddy believes the movie, the trailer, and everything to do with it is an Internet conspiracy designed to discredit creationists like himself. You know, the same way the schools are polluting children by mentioning evolution, or how dollar stores are evil because they sell plastic dinosaurs.

This trailer is going to really piss him off. A crumbling Jesus? Ouch.

Unfornately, the trailer urges people to Find Out The Truth: Search 2012. And this site comes up pretty early when you Google 2012. Prediction: I won’t be invited over for a barbecue this summer. Especially when he reads the post about Facebook.