Shutter Island

June 16, 2009

You can keep your Transformers, your Terminators, your G.I Joes and your Harry Potters. After Star Trek, there’s only one movie I eagerly await in 2009:

I wrote about this book a few months ago.

Wait, I’m wrong: I’m pretty stoked for the Where The Wild Things Are movie, too.


  1. I’m pretty dang stoked about the upcoming Harry Potter movie. I might not be Kumar, but I really love HP. It’s interesting to witness Jakob wrestle with it.

  2. But Moon! Half-Blood Prince! Public Enemies! I do care about Shutter Island though.

  3. The hubby is wanting to see shutter island, but I am just not that big a movie buff. Im sure we’ll end up catching it, it does seem like something I could actually get interested in.

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