Venus Looks A Lot Like Northern Ontario

June 14, 2009

Researchers are taking a new look at photos shot by the Venera probes on Venus in 1982. By twiddling knobs and adjusting settings, we’re now getting clearer, sharper images of our sister planet’s surface.

Don’t be fooled by the photo, though. As docile as the image is — it looks like my old schoolyard — you need to know that the atmosphere of Venus would leave you boiling and exploding in seconds, and also give you a giant zit on your nose the night before you’re having coffee with that hot girl from plentyofffish.com. Summary: Venus is not a pleasant place.

Here’s the full article.


  1. Remember when Steve Austin had to fight that runaway Venus probe, and it almost kicked his ass, and made that weird whistly sound? Yeah, that was cool.

  2. Try saying “runaway Venus probe” ten times fast.

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