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Today’s Moron: Anthony Ramirez

June 2, 2009

“Hey, did you find my phone?”

That was the question Anthony Ramirez asked after calling his misplaced cell phone. The person at the other end, who told Ramirez he’d found the phone on the street, offered to meet with him to return it. Ramirez agreed.

One little problem: The Good Samaritan was, in fact, a San Francisco-area police officer, Uri Nieves. And he hadn’t found the phone on the street. It was left at the scene of a burglary, and Nieves was there to talk to the resident who had surprised a thief and chased him out of the house.

This gets better: Ramirez, who has lovely swastikas tattooed all over himself, stole a car to drive to the rendezvous, but fled when police tried to arrest him. He crashed the stolen car and ran, leaving a sawed-off shotgun in the back seat. At this point, he might have started to wonder how the police knew where to find him. But he apparently didn’t. When police found Ramirez, he was lying on an old mattress in front of a house, sending a text message to his missing phone, still unaware that he had been corresponding with a police officer.

He was arrested, at which point it was determined he was wanted for murder and a suspect in two other slayings, including the shooting death of his brother. Now he’s in jail, and most likely will not be coming out.

This is a good thing. There are already too many stupid racist criminals running around. I do like it, though, when they make the police’s work this easy.


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