Since When Is Jenny McCarthy An Expert On Anything?

May 18, 2009

Ex-Bunny Jenny McCarthy, who is quite famous for murky reasons, has been getting a lot of attention over the past few days. McCarthy’s crusade against vaccination — she blames vaccines for autism — has landed her in newspapers, on blogs and even on Oprah’s radar. She’s written best-selling books about the topic. Now she’s signed a deal with the influential talk-show empress that will no doubt result in anti-vaccination books, TV specials and probably a fragrance.

McCarthy has a son with autism. I sympathize with her for that. But I find it hard to believe that there’s a link between autism and vaccination, especially after the concept has been debunked by medical experts, including actual doctors. But Jenny, with boyfriend Jim Carrey at her side, soldiers forth. She even told Time magazine that people will have to be exposed to things like tetanus, measles, polio and influenza as part of this “adjustment” period.

Just what qualifies Jenny McCarthy to make these pronouncements?

  • She went to nursing school, but dropped out.
  • The first time you ever saw her, she was probably naked in a magazine. Or so I hear.
  • Later, on MTV’s Singled Out, she made a lot of fish-faces. She was replaced by Carmen Electra.
  • When she landed her own self-titled sketch comedy show, she picked her nose a lot and made jokes about poo.
  • She auditioned for the Charlie’s Angels movie remake, but was turned down. Tom Green was cast, though.
  • Her starring role in the movie Dirty Love included a scene in which she is immersed in a vat of bodily fluid.
  • She once said this: “My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away.”

I worry that Oprah’s influential support will lead parents to think Jenny’s right. That could be a tragedy. It’s not like Oprah hasn’t been fooled by some oddball writer with a weak grip on facts before, right?


  1. I’m keeping an eye out for riders on pale horses, and angels breaking seals.

  2. What I’m waiting for is someone to hold Oprah accountable for some of the things she promotes. It is her soapbox, and she is awfully slow with the disclaimers.

    I disagree with McCarthy on the vaccine “issue” — not an issue, unless she makes it one. Part of me understands, though. People seek solace in a storm, and it must be tempting to blame something, anything, for the heartbreak of having a child with this condition.

    It is, however, a bit like the extra weight we give to the opinions of people who believe stem cell research is a long-term solution to medical research issues based solely on their condition or the medical condition of someone they love.
    The approach either stands on its own merits or it doesn’t, and I fear we let emotion play too strong a role on issues like these.

    In the interest of full disclosure. 1) I favor stem cell research — embryonic, adult, and any other method we find that works. 2) I think we can take major steps forward in the short-term this way. 3) For the mid-term, it hopefully will be a bridge to research options we’ve yet to even dream of and that we’ll cross that bridge in new directions.

    Why offer a disclaimer at all? Well, this is not a viable long-term solution to our medical research challenges. The day we start encouraging women to donate their unfertilized eggs — for cash (?) I wonder — in order to reload the stockpile of frozen embryos … well, it may be time to open up an ethical discussion that we’ve truly never needed to have so far.

  3. Nice one GAB , I agree with your stance.

    I know this is weathereye’s blog and all but for I recommend the following blog if you’re interested in medical articles written with a logical/rational approach in mind. It deals with many similar topics, ignorance and psuedo-science etc.


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