Star Trek Movie Bloopers

May 12, 2009

Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the new Star Trek movie.

I spotted a few bloopers in this film. Not canon violations, but actual bloopers, errors in filmmaking. You probably saw the big one: In one scene aboard the Narada, Ayel’s pistol is lying on the deck before he gets there. That was clumsy, especially considering that errors like that can be digitally erased in as much time as it takes to eat a sandwich. Another one I noticed after several trips to the cinema: Capt. Robau isn’t always wearing his Starfleet insignia. Sloppy.

But there’s one odd error I noted. Background: I saw the movie Sunday afternoon, after some delays getting there. And I noticed, in one scene, that Spock’s lip was bleeding red. Red blood? Spock? Wrong. This was noted at IMDB, too, in the Goofs section:

  • Continuity: After young Spock’s fight with Vulcan bullies, he is shown with a bloody lip. The blood is red. In the original series, McCoy regularly remarks about Spock’s copper-based green blood.

I spotted this on Sunday. I saw the movie again Tuesday night, and guess what? The blood on Spock’s lip was green. It was jarring. I spit-taked and thought I must have gotten it wrong Sunday. But I didn’t. Whoever posted that Goof saw the same thing I did. So I suppose that the change was made to the print, if such a thing is even possible. Can a studio make a colour correction to an existing print and rush it to cinemas? Or is it all just a digital file that can be adjusted on the fly?

That makes sense, when you think about it. In the digital age, filmmakers should be able to zip back and make changes on the fly, like we bloggers do when we notice a typo. “Wait, they noticed that mistake? Fix it!”

I don’t know what’s really going on here. But it has me wondering.

  • UPDATE: Admiral Marius from the Starbase 66 podcast tells me he saw the film on a digital screen in Florida, and the wayward Romulan pistol had been digitally erased. So it can be done. Fascinating.


  1. I saw the film on Sunday morning and I definitely saw green blood on his lip.

  2. I saw the movie on Saturday, and the blood was green. I remember because I was impressed with the level of detail.

  3. I saw it on Thursday and the blood was green. At first I thought it was red, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be green. His lip was red. The real issue here is that someone with green blood and translucent skin wouldn’t be pink.

  4. Spock was green originally, and you can see it best in the second pilot, but that concept gradually drifted away.

    I’m going to try really hard to stop thinking about this now.

  5. But why did the Romulans have flourescent green blood?

  6. The blood was green during a Saturday showing in Denver. I noticed the attention to detail, too.

  7. D’oh! When I saw it again yesterday I looked for the gun. Oopsie. 😉

  8. Must have been an optical illusion. It’s not that the masters can’t be fixed quickly and cheaply, but I think the theaters still have print projectors. Replacing all those prints would be a major undertaking.

  9. In the Scene where Spock beems down to his planet to save his parents- there appeared to be a an airplane moving thru the sky… just as he runs across the revine into the cave..

  10. Did you spot Nero’s ear? His right ear was cut and then was put back in. This scene happened just before they captured Spock. After they captured Spock the injured ear was no longer injured.

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