Burger King Makes My Day

May 12, 2009

I’ve just come back from Burger King. I decided to check out the new line of Star Trek toys they’re giving away with kids’ meals. So I went through the drive-thru, and ordered two kids’ meals, one with chicken tenders and one with a cheeseburger.

At the pickup window, the woman who took my payment asked if I wanted two of the same toys or two different. “Different,” I told her. She handed me Little Kirk and Little Uhura.

“Here’s the boy and the girl,” she said. “I don’t know their names because I don’t watch the show.” She said this with a vicious little sneer. I suddenly felt a little ashamed. Here I was, ordering junk food just to get my hands on cheapie toys, and she was looking down on me.

A moment later, a man appeared at the window and handed me the two bags of food. I drove home, sat down at the patio and opened the bags … and found, inside, a Little Scotty and a tricorder. I’d been double-freebied. It made the whole journey worthwhile.

So I have now, sitting in front of my monitor, Kirk, Scotty and Uhura. They’re mini-figurines, sort of like bobbleheads but without the bobbling. They are remarkable likenesses, far more so than the Playmates action figures. Scotty, in particular, looks just like Simon Pegg. And they talk. Scotty is the funniest; Kirk, for some reason, speaks in Shatner’s voice. The tricorder speaks in Chris Pine’s. I don’t get that.

The tricorder is a dumbed-down version, cute, but silly. And from the images I’ve seen of the ships, I can only say what? What are those? Full points for the figures, though.

I know I’ll go back for more. And I haven’t even started on the glasses yet. The kids’ meals? I ate ’em. You don’t think I’d let my kids eat that stuff, do you?



  1. The BK I went to started selling glasses on Sunday, and they are already out of 2 of the 4 designs. Popular! “Great Movie,” I said to the girl at the counter. “I know! I’ve already seen it twice!” she gushed. My heart skipped a beat; her glasses (no pun intended) were cute. Had I known about the kids meals, I might have bought one. But I was meeting my wife for Mexican in a few minutes. Wierdly, I think I’d get more satisfaction from the little figurines rather than the glasses. If I had the Spock and Uhura dolls, I’d make a stop-motion love scene and put it up on YouTube…

  2. You inspired me, I went to BK today and ordered a kid’s meal. I debated whether to ask for any one particular figure, but decided to leave it up to fate. I got Young Spock! “A rescue attempt would be illogical.” I particularily like the Vulcan hand salute he’s making. Since he’s fingers are short and chubby, it just adds to the cuteness of the figurine. Pretty cool!


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