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Weird Weekend

May 3, 2009

This is a photograph of my city’s main downtown street. What you’re looking at is a series of vacant storefronts. These are recent developments; until a few months ago, this corner was pretty busy. I’ve bought a lot of stuff at that dollar store, and the defunct pizza place was okay. The coffee shop is still up and running, and is the best in town.

I snapped this photo because this was a set for the movie Jumper, an epic of Haydenness; it was supposed to be Ann Arbor, Michigan. I stood just to the left of this spot a couple of summers back and watched a white-haired Samuel L. Jackson exit that coffee shop and get into a car about a dozen times during filming, which was cool. Then I saw the movie, which wasn’t cool at all. Also, the scenes shot here were cut.

See how that pizza sign is peeling? That sign was re-painted for the movie, as was the coffee shop sign and a few others. The paint job is a reflection of the quality of the stupid movie.

Anyway, I saw some other weird stuff this weekend:

This package had my daughter in stitches. She spotted it while we were in the dollar store and howled; she has my sense of humour. Meanwhile, the dollar store that a few days ago was advertising “The City’s Last True Dollar Store” hiked its prices to $1.25 “to improve your shopping experience.” Sure, whatever.

We walked past a luxury car with a note tucked under its windshield wiper that read:“Cocksucker! And I was doing better too.” I wanted to take a photo of it, but I was with the kids, and they would have wanted to see what I was doing, and then they would have learned a new word. I’m still wondering what the note meant.

I have seen many disgusting old sofas on sidewalks. This weekend, the beginning of May, is traditionally the time when the city’s 12,000 students vacate their apartments and head home for the summer. This means all their crap furniture gets dumped at the curb, which is a problem. This city doesn’t collect large-waste items. So a lot of this stuff just sits there in the student ghetto, rotting over the summer, until next year’s students show up, collect it and use it. If you need a plaid couch or a warped computer desk, this is the place. If you want to study unusual bacteria, there are a lot of student mattresses out there, too.

Several weeks ago, we were hiking our trail system when my oldest son found a rusting metal cigarette case with a big marijuana leaf on it. We threw it in the next trash can. Last night, we found one just like it in our back 40, with waterlogged weed in it.There was an empty king can of Bud beside it. This led me to believe (a) a lot of of these are being sold around here (b) a lot of these are being discarded around here and (c) someone partied while looking in my windows. I threw this one away, too.

It’s Sunday morning. I dread what the rest of the day holds.