Sarah Palin’s First 10 Tweets

May 2, 2009

As you may have heard, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin now has a Twitter account. So Twitter is, of course, now over.

What did the former vice-presidential candidate say on her first Twitter day?

  1. “All right, let’s see if I can get this darned thing figured out. I’m supposed to mini-blog my thoughts to my constituents. What does mini-bl”
  2. “@Oprah It looks like you’ve got the hang of this thing, girlfriend. Is there a better way to make it work for me? I want to tell people abou”
  3. “@Oprah U There?”
  4. “There sure are a lot of other ladies on Twitter named Sarah Palin, and they all look just like me.”
  5. “@First_Dude Who are these women following you on Twitter?”
  6. “People of Alaska: Welcome to the 20th century! This is my Twitter page. Comments are welcome.”
  7. “How do you make the comments open on the page?”
  8. “@V_Putin Not here, silly. Send it to my Hotmail account.”
  9. “That pesky Obama has more followers than I do. We’ll see about that.”
  10. “@GlennbeckFox You are to talk about my Twitter page on your program. The usual rate applies. Bill my office.”

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