Drive-Thru at Warp 9.9

May 2, 2009

The next time you see me, I will have eaten 35 bacon double cheeseburgers, 16 pounds of fries and enough onion rings to reach from here to … uh, down the street. This is because Burger King, my favourite fast-food place, is about to launch its Star Trek tie-in toys.

I could go into detail, but Trekmovie.com did it so much better. As you know, I am a 35-year collector of Star Trek toys, and these look like fun — even if they’re a little dopey. The glasses, though, are gorgeous. And the little giant-headed Simon Pegg would look great on my dashboard. I like the idea of Simon Pegg watching me while I drive.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen the new Playmates toys at Wal-Mart — some of them, not the ships, though — and they look like crap. I’m disappointed. However, there’s always Diamond Select.

What’s that? Of course I want fries with that! Save your stupid salad for the adults.


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