Happy 100th, Make It So

April 30, 2009

The world’s best Star Trek podcast — and I say that as a presenter on another Star Trek podcast — turned 100 yesterday. And will do so again in the next few days.

Make It So, from Simply Syndicated, recorded a live call-in show to mark 100 episodes. It was a blast. I called in to chat with Rich, Will and Mike about Trek, as did a few other friends, including Scott from Apotheosis of a Bombast and Matt, who was immortalized on an episode of Nerd Hurdles.

This podcast is special to me. It was the show that turned me from a casual podcast listener into a full-on devotee, and was the impetus for me becoming a podcaster myself … and making all my new imaginary friends. I was proud to be there for No. 100. The live show will soon be released as a regular podcast, so those of you who couldn’t be there can hear the fun.

Make It So has gone through some changes over the years — most notably changes to who sits in the chairs beside Captain Richard Smith — but has remained a lively, intelligent look at the world of Trek, a show by fans who aren’t afraid to be critical. And it’s damned funny.

Beam yourself up. You won’t regret it.


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