Spring is Over

April 23, 2009

Weather Station 1 weather report: I spoke to a senior meteorologist at Environment Canada yesterday, who told me spring is effectively over. After a cool week of rain and hail, the skies are about to clear and the sun is about to shine.

In Ontario, this weekend will see July-like temperatures, hot and dry and about 28 degrees celcius. Those conditions will hang on all through May, he said, leading to a summer that will be hotter than average, with slightly below-average precipitation.

Last year was pretty wet. We had a lot of mixed days — rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon, and vice-versa. It was actually the wettest summer on record, he told me; this year promises to be better for the beach, better for campers.

On the down side, it will be much more humid, which brings with it smog warnings in southern Ontario. Yeah, that clean Canadian air isn’t found south of Parry Sound; once you get near the cities, the air turns bad.

“This summer is good news for people who like taking their shirts off and drinking beer on the deck, but bad news for seniors and people with asthma,” my source told me.

I live near a lot of beaches, and I have central air. In my igloo. So we’ll be okay.


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