Weather Station 3

April 21, 2009

So, we’re a month into the new Weather Station 3 podcast, and things are going pretty well. New listeners are coming aboard every episode, and I’m having fun doing it. Actually, people are still downloading the old shows from the Clickcaster feed — when it works — so that’s good, too. Those links are to your right.

I’m going to stick with the current format for now, which is half news commentary, half backup feature. So far, the backing features I’ve introduced are Big Bad Hair (a look at 80s music), A Foreigner’s Guide to Canada (pretty much what it sounds like) and Imaginary Friends. That last one promises to be fun; it’s an exploration of how relationships have changed in the Internet age.

I’m always looking for someone to talk to, so if you want to pop in via Skype and help out, drop me a line.



  1. I’d like to pop in. If you have anything suitable for me.

  2. If you wanted to sound smarter than you already sound, you could talk to me.

  3. Add me to the list of the willing.

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