Nerd Hurdles

April 21, 2009

The best podcast in Canada — and one of the best in the world — has a new home: nerdhurdles.com.

This is geekery examined with a neat slant. Each week, Jakob and Mandi take a topic that people might think is too nerdy to enjoy, and rip into it. Sometimes it’s something the average person would avoid due to a perception of nerdishness, like The Nerd Store. Sometimes it’s something even geeks think is too much, like Transformers (we older geeks aren’t into that sort of thing).

It’s all presented with classic J&M wit, bite and brains. It’s a podcast you should hear.

The new site, meanwhile, links to their entire world, parts of which I have mentioned here before. Books, music, art, pictures of broken toys … it’s all there. And a forum, too, which is fun.

P.S. Nerdles.



  1. Nerd Hurdles, you say? I might have to look into this. đŸ˜‰

  2. Yes, it’s a happy, happy thing.

  3. You know when Mr. Dapper gets excited about it, it MUST be a good thing. That guy’s tough to excite.

  4. Gahhhh! Nerdles! Gahhhh!

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