Where’s Weathereye?

April 19, 2009

I’ve had a few queries today, people wondering where I’ve been and why Weather Station 1 has been kind of quiet and Weather Station 3 didn’t feature a new episode this week. Weather Station 2 … that’s a whole other story.

As much as I would like to tell you that I’ve just been really busy, the truth is one of these reasons. You pick the one you like the best:

  • I decided to watch Lost again. All of it.
  • I won 10 kegs of Budweiser in a golf tournament, and I haven’t left the garage since.
  • My hypnotically submerged alternate identity as a Treadstone agent was reactivated, and I had to fly to a country I can’t name to do something I can’t tell you about.
  • It took longer to get picked on The Price Is Right than I had anticipated.
  • I decided to watch Star Trek again. All of it.
  • My stroll to the corner store for bread turned into an epic hike along the Trans-Canada Trail.
  • I’ve spent the last few days sitting here in a trance, weeping as I watch that Susan Boyle clip over and over again. The majesty!
  • Someone challenged me to eat at every Arby’s in a 300-mile radius, so I did.
  • Severe frostbite meant I couldn’t type. We can get severe frostbite in April here. It’s Canada, eh?
  • I was hired to be David Schwimmer’s stunt double in the new movie he’s doing with Simon Pegg, Big Nothing 2. Think about that one for a moment.

Anyway, I’ll be back on track in the next few days, with a new Weather Station 3, a new Starbase 66, many stupid new blog posts and a new shirt.


One comment

  1. My theory is ‘none of the above’. I think that skunk you removed last week has returned as a zombie to terrorise you. Trying to behead the little beggar is obviously taking precedence.

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