Star Trek Breakthrough

April 15, 2009

Something amazing has happened here at the Weather Station. It went like this:

  • Her: “I was watching Idol last night and they had a commercial for … is it Star Trek? Or Star Wars?”
  • Me: “The new Star Trek movie?”
  • Her: “Yes, Star Trek. It actually looked pretty good. I might — I might — go see it with you.”
  • Me: (firing up the trailer on YouTube. It’s the first one, with the stolen car opening) “Was this it?”
  • Her: “No, it was kind of like that …”
  • Me: “See that part? That’s an orbital skydive. It looks incredible.”
  • Her (eyes rolling): “I think that was in what I saw.”
  • Me (launching the March trailer): “Maybe it was this one?”
  • Her: “Yes, that was it.”
  • Me: “See? This is what JJ Abrams wanted to do. He wanted to relaunch the franchise for people who didn’t have to be longtime fans, so we longtime fans can enjoy it, but you can sit down in that theatre and not need to know 40 years of history in order to figure out what’s going on. Of course, if you do know, it’s even better, because what it looks like they’re doing is adjusting continuity to a different timeline, where Kirk didn’t –“
  • Her: “Just because I said I’d go see it doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly become a Trekkie.”
  • Me: “Eric Bana’s in it.”
  • Her: “Well, okay then.”

You can’t see me, but I’m doing a little dance.

More on Star Trek at the Starbase 66 podcast, available here.


One comment

  1. My sister actually started watching Star Trek because she was bored and it was the only thing on the hard drive that she hadn’t seen. She loves it now.

    Life is good 🙂

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