Heard From The Back Seat

April 10, 2009

Minivan backseat philosophizing: Here are two randomly funny things said by my children while driving today.

  • Weatherette (7): “Daddy, why do people throw garbage all over the street?”
  • Me: “Because they’re slobs who don’t care about their community, honey.”
  • Weatherette: “If I could make a perfect world, people would always clean up their garbage. And no factories would close, and you wouldn’t lose your job, and you wouldn’t be allergic to dogs.”
  • Me: “That’s sweet, honey.”
  • Weathereye 2.0 (5): “And every TV would have video games!”

So, after that discourse on priorities, we explored logic. A few minutes later:

  • Weathereye 2.0: “Daddy, what do bears eat?”
  • Me: “Small boys.”
  • Weathereye 2.0: “No! What do they really eat?”
  • Me: “Big boys, too.”
  • Weathereye 2.0: “It’s fish. Bears LOVE fish. Boys eat tacos!”
  • Weatherette: “Unless the bear eats a boy who ate a taco. Then the bear is also eating a taco.”
  • Me: “Can’t argue with that.”

Thanks for tuning in. Carry on.


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