Still Trying To Get Rid Of That Dead Skunk …

April 5, 2009

How can one dead critter smell so bad?

I shovelled up the dead skunk, bagged it, boxed it and bagged it again, and the whole yard still reeks. Our vehicles reek. It’s horrible. The problem, though, is getting rid of it.

The city will pick it up if it’s on city property. On private property, no luck. I can’t find a service that collects dead varmints. Livestock, yes. Varmints, no. And it’s illegal to dispose of remains, animal or otherwise, at the landfill.

So I’m back where I was the other day, when I wrote my list of 10 things to do with the dead skunk. Now I’ve got a dead skunk in a bag in a box in a bag, and I don’t know what to do.

I wonder where my ex-boss is living these days?


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