April 2

April 2, 2009

My phone rang last night. “Are you serious?” my friend Kelly asked. “Are you … was that a joke?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Happy April Fool’s Day.”

“I was reading it, and I believed it,” she said. “Then I went downstairs to do some laundry, and I clued in.” The laundry room is where Kelly does her best thinking.

I find it funny that Kelly, who knows me better than most people, would actually believe that I would shuck all my tech and go shovel manure for a living. I guess I was just a bit too subtle. Oh, well, next year I’ll try harder.

The hardest part was staying offline for the rest of the day in order to prolong the prank. I don’t want to go through that again. The real world is kind of frightening.

Happy April 2, everyone. Oh, and Admiral Marius — that’s an alpaca, not a llama. Go Google it.



  1. I forget…does an alpaca have one hump, or is it the one with black and yellow venom?


  2. Oh man. You had me going, to be honest.

  3. Well Mr. Weathereye could it be that because I know you so well that I fell for this? Now I have a year to scheme, plan, conspire…

  4. Oh, I remember now. Alpacas grow from the roof of the cave, and llamas grow on the north side of a tree.

  5. Marius, I’m pretty sure that they’re the same animal, but in the northern hemisphere they spin clockwise, and counterclockwise in the southern.

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