Music Review: Wolfmother Howls Again

March 31, 2009

I listened to a lot of Wolfmother a couple of years ago. It isn’t often that I like new bands that come along; the only actual CDs I’ve purchased new since 2006 are The Killers, Wolfmother, the last Cult disc and the latest from Loreena McKennitt. Other than that, I buy the odd song online, but really, I have tens of thousands of songs archived, and I’d rather listen to any of that older stuff than most new crap.

Wolfmother is a real oddity: three young Aussies who channel Hendrix, Zeppelin, Ozzy and Blue Cheer, solid, deadly guitar rock. It’s hallucinogenic, furious and cosmic, and I just loved it two years ago.

It’s been a while since Wolfmother got any play around here, though. Until tonight. The new single, Back Round, from the album of the same name, is currently available as a free download at wolfmother.com. Go download it if you like classic hard rock. If you have a mullet or own a pair of jeans more than 10 years old, downloading this song is mandatory. Note that the site asks for your mobile number; I didn’t enter mine and I was still able to get the song.

Back Round is great. It doesn’t have the epic hookiness of the songs I loved on the first disc — my favourites include Colossal, The Joker and the Thief, Woman (I have a great remix of that one) and Dimension. But it comes close.

Wolfmother isn’t for everyone. And it isn’t always for me. But sometimes I like to bang the old head a little when there’s nobody around. You know, this music makes me miss my old speakers, the five-footers that used to make my whole house rattle and thud whenever I listened to Electric. It just isn’t the same with these little white earbuds.

Here’s the video for Woman, their first big global hit.


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