Jack Ketchum

March 31, 2009

Warning: this article contains videos with violent imagery and language.
If you’re at work and really need to see them, turn your volume down.
If you’re at home and kids are around, wait until they go to bed.

Jack Ketchum is one of my favourite horror writers. His books never fail to surprise and challenge me, and even when they veer into territories I don’t often like — such as gore and ultraviolence — I keep reading. He has a master’s touch with plain language and knows how to craft fully realized characters with just a few sentences. He’s incredible.

I won’t say much more. If you like horror, and you haven’t heard of Jack, you should read some of his books.

A movie was made of his book The Girl Next Door last year. It was modelled on the story of Sylvia Likens, and thus bears a similarity to last year’s An American Crime, which was also the Likens story.

Hey, someone made a movie out of Offspring! I didn’t know anything about this. Warning: the trailer is violent. Strange that this book was filmed first, as it’s a sequel to Off Season.

Holy crap, someone made a movie out of Jack’s novel Red, too. This is incredible. Hmmm … spelling alert: “Based on the best-selling novel by Jack Ketchmum?” Come on, people. Oh, but it has Kim Dickens in it. She’s a great underrated actress (Zero Effect, Lost).

Wait, what? More Jack Ketchum movies? How is it that I’ve missed these? Here’s the trailer for The Lost, one of his more interesting books. I loved this one; I’ll have to see the movie.

Three Jack Ketchum movies … I really should pay more attention to what’s going on in modern indie cinema. Anyway, here are some links.


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