Star Trek: What’s That In Her Ear?

March 30, 2009

I knew they’d do this. I knew JJ Abrams would go ahead and keep that stupid silver earpiece in Uhura’s ear in the new Star Trek movie. Everything else is different — The bridge is shinier, Chekov outranks Kirk, Pike knows McCoy, Kirk can drive, and Scotty is Simon Pegg. But JJ just had to leave that stupid earpiece in.

As you may recall, I mentioned this a few months ago. I’ve also groaned about it on the Starbase 66 podcast. Now a new image, one of several released via trekmovie.com today, shows the shining silver buttplug in all its glory.

Oh, wait — they did change it. See the photo at left? On The Original Series, Uhura wore the earpiece pointing down. In the new movie, it points up. Genius!

But still, it would have been nice to see it changed a bit more. Couldn’t Zoe Saldana have asked for changes in her contract?

Agent: “My client agrees to wear the red minidress, and she agrees to three appearances of her red panties, with the stipulation that said appearances do not last longer than three seconds, and do not occur when and/or if William Shatner is visiting the set. But she does not agree to insert a metallic butt-plug-looking object into her ear.”

Ah, well. It’s Star Trek. You sort of have to expect the strange decision along with all the cheesy glory. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Funny, though: with all the new toys being announced, I haven’t seen a toy earpiece. I guess toymakers worry it would be used for … other things.


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