Ezra Levant and Human Rights

March 30, 2009

Anyone interested in human rights and the role of media should watch Ezra Levant, a Canadian journalist, blogger and political advisor, appearing before the Alberta Human Rights Commission. They wouldn’t let reporters in, but allowed him to videotape it. Ezra being Ezra, he put it on YouTube.

Levant was called before the commission because he printed controversial Danish cartoons about Islam in his magazine, The Western Standard. Nowadays, you can find him at his blog.

This is just the opening remarks. For the full experience of Ezra vs. Stupidity, go to YouTube and search his name. It’s worth watching. It’s also the focus of the latest episode of Weather Station 3, but in a pretty dumbed-down fashion. I’m bright and all, but I’m no Ezra Levant.

Ezra’s new book, Shakedown: How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights, is now available. Even if you’re not in Canada, it’s an issue worth exploring.


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