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Earth Hour

March 28, 2009

I’ve just re-started my machinery after Earth Hour. It was fun, as it was last year. We were one kid short; my oldest son went to a stargazing event with his grandmothers, and he’s staying with them tonight. My youngest son was asleep long before the lights went out. So that left me, Mrs. Weathereye and my little Weatherette.

I used to think Earth Hour was a big PR exercise. But last year, consumption in our city dropped 4.6 per cent for that hour. That’s saying something, and it changed my mind. Plus, it teaches the kids to conserve in a fun way.

We loaded up on flashlights and climbed the hill behind the Weather Station. As you may know, we live in a strange spot: subdivision to the south, forest to the west, farms to the north … and a shopping thoroughfare to the east. Climb a half-kilometre up that easterly hill and you see fast food franchises, a mall, Wal-Mart …

But not tonight. As most of my city ignored Earth Hour — none of my neighbours went dark, just us — and the cityscape glittered across the horizon, Weatherette and I were thrilled to see that Wal-Mart had turned off all but a few of its lights. And it was still open, so that’s a heck of a feat.

Meanwhile, the health-food place at the mall had its lights blazing.

Now I’m still in the dark. I read Weatherette to sleep with a headlamp on, and now the house is quiet and dark. It’s just me, a glowing monitor, you, and a nice feeling overall.