Where The Wild Things Are

March 26, 2009

This book is a big part of our lives here at the Weather Station. It’s a simple, perfect story, something that I have been reading to my children for close to 20 years. And now it’s a movie.

I had fears about this. If you know Maurice Sendak’s book, you’ll remember it is not exactly dense with plot. How can anyone make a movie out of a little fable about a boy who experiences a bit of magic? Yeah, we have the old cartoon. There’s a great DVD of Sendak stories, including his other great, unforgettable piece, In The Night Kitchen. If you have never experienced that story, go seek it out. Some schools in the US tried to ban it, so you know it’s good.

The trailer for the movie version of Where The Wild Things Are is now spreading virally. I hesitated, then clicked “play.” And I was swept away. From what I can see, Spike Jonze has taken the perfection of the original story and made it into something new, something that respects the source but builds on it, and at the same time captures the magic of the Wild Things themselves.

Watchmen underwhelmed me. Star Trek is my movie of the year. But this little surprise looks like it might be something I can enjoy.

One comment

  1. The only really nagging qualm I have is the wild things speaking english. I would have liked them to grunt and growl or roar.

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