Back to Work

March 24, 2009

I have to focus on work for a few days. And that’s a good thing; I’ve been an accidentally full-time blogger, podcaster and geek for three months, since Black Tuesday gutted my industry. There have been a lot more cuts to newspapers since, and more to come. Every week, I hear from another longtime friend whose dedication and hard work have been cast to the curb. It’s sad.

But things changed today when I turned a big corner in my attempts to get back into writing. See, I haven’t written professionally (aside from a few bits here and there) for close to a decade, since I became an editor. Now I’m back at the keyboard, working on actual news assignments for an actual newspaper. It’s exciting. I’m having a great time building new networks, connecting with contacts, interviewing and trying to work magic with language.

This is not a full-time job; it’s a steady and well-paying freelance gig that will get me through the summer and, if I work hard enough, lead to work for other publications. For now, at least, I’m about to be a freelance writer again, something I did in the early 90s and really enjoyed.

Like I said on the latest Weather Station 3 podcast: Being a journalist is something that doesn’t go away. It isn’t just a job. It’s a life. And wherever I go from here — I could end up in PR, or corporate communications, or government — I will always be a reporter at heart.


  1. That’s absolutely awesome Kennedy. Glad to hear of stories like this and people finding work. It’s tough enough at the best of times.

    I’m sure you’ll knock ’em out with your insight, dedication and wit.

    Good on ya.

  2. That’s great to hear! It was bound to happen; how could the world function without Kennedy in the workforce after all.

    Congrats, mate!

  3. And there was much rejoicing! 🙂

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