Weather Station 3 Reborn

March 23, 2009

Weather Station 3 has moved to a new home. My previous host, Clickcaster, has been nothing but trouble for the past few weeks. Sometimes it wouldn’t let me upload. Other times, it would upload my files, but I couldn’t post them. And then the whole site went down for “48 hours of maintenance” that lasted six days. I guess I should have figured it out when I noticed the “Featured Podcast of the Week” has been the same one since I signed on five months ago.

Anyway, I’ve gone with Libsyn, at the recommendation of Richard Smith of the Simply Syndicated podcast network. So far, so good. It isn’t as easy to use as some other sites out there — there’s more HTML to learn, which is cool, because that’s something I want to learn more of — but it’s fast, it’s clean and the price is right. I also like the scaleable archiving features … no more running out of storage space!

I’m not listed on iTunes yet; that’ll be another week or two, I think. For now, you can copy and paste the new RSS feed from the button on the page into the “subscribe” box (under Advanced in iTunes) and that’ll lock the new feed in.

This is a new start for my humble little podcast. I hope you check it out.

Weather Station 3 is here.

The old feed will still be available for a while down at the lower right side of this page. Eventually, those old shows will be archived somewhere else, except for the ones I recorded before I upgraded my equipment. Nobody needs to hear those.


One comment

  1. Is Libsn down? I can’t Weather Staion or MIS to play or download.

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