That Makes Sense

March 17, 2009

My good buddy Jakob was walking down the street in Toronto last fall when he overheard one side of a cellphone conversation. From what he could hear, it was an unusual conversation, and that got Jakob’s mental machinery working.

Here’s what the guy said: “You did what?… You left your shirt and belt there?!… How did you manage that?… Oh it was after that?… Right… I guess you wanted to get out of there as fast as you could?… Oh, you had to go to church… That makes sense…”

Jakob was pretty curious about what was being said on the other side of the conversation. So what he did was put out the call: fill in the other side of the conversation. I answered, as did other people. I thought it was fun, a lark. And it was. But it was also a book in the making, a book with my name on the cover … something I’ve never experienced. In fact, if you read the names on the cover, you’ll spot some you may know.

Now it’s available. Jakob’s company, Ampersand Publishing, has just released the book via an online store. It isn’t expensive. So you should buy a copy right now. Here’s the link.

One comment

  1. I should buy this. But I can’t. Bummer.

    I’ll manage it someday though.

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