In-Depth Watchmen Review

March 17, 2009

I’m not going to do one. I saw it, and I enjoyed it, but there was a big cloud of “meh” in the air afterwards. It looks fine. It follows the book .. I didn’t like, though, how in the movie, the heroes are called “The Watchmen,” like it’s a team name. That wasn’t the case in the comic and kind of sucks a bit. The title had meaning in the book, and it’s been dumbed down for the movie.

Anyway, it’s a good movie. Not a great movie, but a good movie. I liked it, and I’ll probably like it again in six months on DVD. But it was no Dark Knight. It was no Iron Man. Hell, it was no Spider-Man.

The first trailer, though, is one of my favourite pieces of film of 2008. I’d rather see that than the movie, actually. But, of course, there’s a source material, so I’m now reading the comic again.

If you need to read more, go google one of the eleventy-seven-hundred-thousand Watchmen blog posts out there. I’m too busy watching Melrose Place.


  1. Trailers are the new movies. I could wait trailers all day and night if there were enough of them. They’ve come a long way as an artform in and of themselves. In 2008 I definately watched at least 500% more trailers than actual films.

  2. wait = watch

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