Weather Station 3.5

March 4, 2009

Hey, y’all. For the next couple of days at least, Weather Station 3 is going to be operating out of a trailer out back of the main station. I’d like to tell you we’re upgrading to fantastic new G5s and modern studio space, but it’s really just a problem with the free site that hosts the show. It was down for several days, and is now back up, but there are still issues. The latest episode has been uploaded, but for whatever reason I can’t formally post it.

This caps off a weird day. The first show I recorded, on people who are quick to believe the latest paranormal hype (a sequel to I Sort Of Want To Believe), disappeared when I saved it. I took that as an omen. So I recorded a new show, about something else. It disappeared, too, but I was able to restore it by re-assembling the file in 10-second chunks. It took two hours, and there are a couple of blips, but here it is, coming to you from its temporary home.

Thanks again for listening.

Weather Station 3: Say It Loud, I’m A Geek And I’m Proud



  1. That’s commitment …

  2. I’ll be listening in less than an hour when I leave for work.

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