Buck Rogers Flies Again

March 2, 2009

A few weeks back, I told you about how the team behind Star Trek: Phase II, that web-based fan series, has landed the rights to a webisode version of Buck Rogers. What I liked most about that project was the plan to take the story back to its 192os pulp roots, avoiding the Gil Gerard white leisure suit version.

Now I’m reading about a new comic series from Dynamite, a small publisher that’s making probably the best superhero comics out there right now. Dynamite’s Project Superpowers series, which resurrects minor Golden Age characters that have lapsed into the public domain, is some exciting stuff. I’m a huge fan of these characters from the 30s and 40s, and seeing them done again, and done well, is a treat. Yes, other publishers have taken a shot at them, most notably Alan Moore’s ABC comics, but I like this take on forgotten icons like the Black Terror, the original Daredevil and cats like that.

(If anyone ever brings the Archie heroes back for a modern audience, I’ll buy those, too. The Black Hood was the man, and I always liked Lancelot Strong.)

Anyway …

This new Buck Rogers comic, which rockets to stores in May, shares an idealogy with the planned web series. It’s clear that there’s a pulp sensibility at work here; the cover I’ve reproduced here is a gorgeous piece of art that takes the classic Buck outfit, complete with finned helmet, jodhpurs and jumping belt, and adapts it for modern comics publshing techniques. Go ahead and look at it again. I’m not going anywhere.

That looks was designed by artists John Cassaday and Alex Ross, two of my favourites. The comic itself will be by Scott Beatty and Carlos Rafael, with covers by Cassaday and Ross. What’s not to love? Wait, the first issue is going to be sold for a quarter. Nice.

Here’s a fantastic interview on the subject.


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