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I Have No Use For U2

February 27, 2009

Twenty-five years after I first heard their whining, derivative, over-jangled stupid music, I continue to think of U2 as the ultimate over-hyped modern rock band. I mean, when Larry Mullen Jr. was named Best Drummer by Rolling Stone readers in 1987, I had to cry “crap” as loudly as I could.

Good to see I’m not alone. Twitter is abuzz tonight with I Hate U2 comments, and I’m seeing more and more of it out there.

So here’s what I propose: a special edition of the Big Bad Hair podcast, with various points of view woven in. Whether you want to defend U2’s musical legacy or join me in laughing at Bono’s stupid sunglasses, I want to hear from you. Send me an audio clip if you’re able, or just an email; I’ll read them on the show. And if anyone wants to co-host the episode, I’m always happy to have a friend on board.

You can email the show at, or contact me via this site.