PodCamp Toronto 2009

February 21, 2009

Day One of PodCamp is done. It did involve going to Toronto, which I detest, but it was worth it. I’ll have a full report at the end of the weekend, but here are some key things to know:

  1. Turnout was massive. The Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University was packed. The first photo, an epic of professional photography, shows organizer Jay Moonah welcoming us all to the program Saturday morning.
  2. Almost all podcasters wear glasses. The ones who don’t? They wear unusual shoes. Sometimes these two things cross over.
  3. The organizers had this thing running very smoothly, quite an achievement considering it’s free, it’s an “unconference” and there’s no real structure to it beyond a schedule of talks and workshops.
  4. This year’s swag was a stylish plastic water bottle. I really liked it, but I left mine in a pub.
  5. Jakob is real. See? (he and Mandi arrived in the midst of Jay’s speech, ended up stuck halfway up the stairs, and didn’t notice me standing a few feet away.)

… to be continued …



  1. Photographic proof… I’m shorter than an oopaloopmpa. I hope this was taken when I was standing two steps down… egads.

  2. Yes, you guys were several steps down and the people around you are at ground level. Also, this picture makes you look a bit like Jared Leto.

  3. I was thinking… Sasquatch.

  4. Maybe Young Obi-Wan? Yeah, go with that one.

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