Podcasting From The Island

February 18, 2009

I listen to a lot of podcasts. You all know that. I’m not just a fan — I’m an addict. When I was given a new iPod for Christmas, I was finally able to fit my entire music collection on it — thousands and thousands of songs, more than my old 20gb iPod could hold — and here I am, nearly two months later, and I haven’t played a single song on it. Not one. I just listen to podcasts.

If you look at my links down below, you’ll see the top of the podcasting heap as far as I’m concerned. There are a lot of others I listen to that I really should add down there; Galactica Quorum is one. Remind me to do that later.

But for a few months each year, my primary podcast listening revolves around Lost. As I have described in detail on my own podcast, Weather Station 3, I am a man of faith when it comes to Lost. It’s a big deal for me.

I used to listen to every Lost podcast I could. That’s not hard to do; they’re easy to find, and there are a lot of them. A LOT. I appear on a Star Trek podcast, and we’re among several, but Lost is a whole other kettle of podcasting fish.

This year, I culled my list down to five. That’s not to say I don’t listen to other shows here and there; I just ran out of processing speed when all those shows started clustering in my iTunes download space. I had to limit my listening.

So here they are, the five survivors of the purge:

  • The Lost Podcast, with Jay and Jack. This is the first podcast I really listened to, and the doorway to what has become a big part of my life. Jay and Jack are an hilarious father-and-son combo who know the show, know their audience and present two perfect podcasts every week. There’s a reason these guys have achieved the level of success they have. It’s talent, professionalism and hard work.
  • The Transmission, with Ryan and Jen: This is the second podcast I really listened to. This married couple, based in Hawaii, are podcasting pioneers who really helped the medium grow into what it is today. Part of the appeal of The Transmission is its location; the hosts are close to Lost locations, and often have “inside information” on what’s going on. But they don’t spoil things; they’ll often describe how they watched a scene being shot, but not until after it’s aired. I admire that.
  • The Dharmalars, with Ralph and Ben and Producer Ryan: I get a real kick out of these guys. They’re funny, they know their stuff, and they notice a lot of things I tend to miss. Their rivalry with Jay and Jack — played for laughs — is a high point, too.The Dharmalars also offer a midweek show, a short look at the music of Lost, which I find really entertaining.
  • LostChatter: I just found this one this season when they started following me on Twitter. It’s a slickly produced show, very professional, and I enjoy it a lot. The only place I think it suffers is its timing; by the time it comes out, other shows have covered the same ground. But they always notice something the other shows haven’t, so that fills everything nicely.
  • The ODI Lost Podcast: Another newcomer to my playlist, the ODI is hosted by a guy called the ODI, and a woman named Karen who maintains a very nifty website. I like this one a lot, but it suffers a bit from the ODI’s delivery; he’s a little wooden. But that’s offset by Karen, who has this over-the-top New York accent (I’m hoping it’s New York, I could be wrong), and they have a good rapport. These folks are major fans, and it comes across in the show. When Jorge Garcia was on a few weeks back, I thought Karen was going to explode all over him.

These five shows offer a decent, rounded look at each week in Lost. If you’re not a podcast fan, but you like Lost, give one a listen. I just wonder what all these people are going to talk about next year, when Lost ends. Ah, maybe they can get tips from some Galactica podcasters …


One comment

  1. I went through a similar purge during the last hiatus: based largely on the quality/direction of the podcasts, but also because of how they spent their hiatus time.

    For me the survivors are:

    1) Dharma Dummies (they made excellent use of the hiatus doing a character analysis each week, and come across as two of your friends talking about Lost.)

    2) Jay and Jack (I like the tangents)

    3) The Lost Community Podcast (with David A. Dein and Steve “The Goog” Guglich). Fewer tangents than Jay and Jack, but some good discussion.

    4) The Dharmalars – same reasons as you.

    I still listen to the occasional Transmission, ODI, GSPN Weekly Lost podcast, and others (they download on itunes and I pick and choose). Each has reasons they’re not a must listen.

    File “Dharma Dummies” away for next off season, if only to check out their hiatus during the lull.

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