Uncle Boom-Boom Sings Whitesnake

February 16, 2009

Okay, some background: This is my Uncle Boom-Boom, my mother’s younger brother, who has a real name, but when I was a toddler, and for complicated reasons, I called him Boom-Boom. Now I’m 40, he’s 60, and I still call him Boom-Boom.

He’s a solid character. When I was a little kid, he would come to town and spoil me rotten, despite my many hyperactive shenanigans. When I was a teenager, he would let me use his high-rise apartment in Toronto, plus he had a sports car. As adults, we had kids at the same time and shared the joys of modern fatherhood. Also, he used to hang me upside down, tickle me, and there may have been wedgies. This began when I was about 24.

This is why I have no qualms about posting this incredible musical performance, shot by his eldest daughter, and featuring a band with big bad hair. Enjoy.

I like to call this Karaoke Silencio. You may come up with other names for it. But what you’re seeing here is a man making his children laugh, and to me, sports cars and high-rises and wedgies aside, that’s Dadding, and Dadding done right.


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