Starbase 66 Pits Gene Against George

February 9, 2009

Well, not really. But we looked at the lives of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry, their legacies and their legends, on the latest episode of the international Star Trek and science fiction podcast.

Now, here’s the secret behind this recording: We record Starbase 66 via Skype, as we’re thousands of miles apart. About 10 minutes into this episode, I could no longer hear Karen and Rick. Every couple of minutes, their audio feeds would catch up with mine, and I would hear this fast, mad rush of dialogue. From that, I had to try to figure out what they were saying and add something witty and informed. It didn’t work.

Yes, I could have told them I was having audio trouble and started from scratch. But they’re Americans and I was a little scared to.

Listen to it here.

Meanwhile, many of our friends are in full podcast mode. You can find the links to Kimchi Cinema, Here Goes Nothing, Apotheosis of a Bombast, The Devil and Miss Mindy, Masters of None, Preview Reviews and Nerd Hurdles down there to the right.


One comment

  1. And we all missed that I said Greedo shot first, when I should have said Han. D’oh!!

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