What Happened To Billy Idol?

January 30, 2009

So my kid has his hair bleached blonde and spiky this week. He looks very cool, sort of like a miniature Billy Duffy … or Billy Idol. Remember those guys, with their sharp-edged 80s chainsaw pompadours?

My boy is sitting here beside me right now, discovering Billy Idol on my iPod. Meanwhile, I am Google-imaging photos of the two Billies, to show him the origins of his hair. And this is what I found:

What the — ? This is the same guy who came back from a life-threatening motorcycle accident, still sneering. This is the guy I once watched disappear into the nether regions of a 200-foot inflatable woman on the Charmed Life tour, then listened to as he slagged off every other rock star in the world over bacon and eggs in a greasy spoon at 4 in the morning.

It’s a sad day when Rick Astley is cooler than Billy Idol. A sad day indeed. At this rate, I can predict we’ll be seeing Glenn Danzig in a Burger King commercial or something.



  1. That’s got to be one of the scariest Billy Idol pics ever!

  2. …how to shatter a good memory… 😦

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