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Britney’s Bum

January 28, 2009

Britney Spears posted some photos on her website yesterday, showing off her newly re-toned figure as she rehearses with a dance troupe. She’s looking pretty good, I’d have to say.

But my favourite photo is this one:

Hmmmm …. see the guy on the left? I wonder what’s going through his head. Given the low-rise nature of Brit’s little tights, the angle and the look on the guy’s face, I would suggest “Wow, Britney may have beaten her pill habit, but she totally has a crack problem.”

Britney’s just the latest victim of low-rise trousers. It’s a widespread phenomenon, and I tend to feel bad when I see exposed crackery or, worse, that thing with the exposed thong underwear. It just isn’t sexy, especially when it’s a hairy guy ahead of you in line at the grocery. I didn’t make that up, sadly.

I’m also somewhat bothered by these athletic pants with slogans written across the ass. This presents a quandary: Are you supposed to stop and read it? I saw a woman at the YMCA the other day who had “You Wish” on her butt, and I read it before I could avert my eyes, and then I felt awful on so many levels.

There’s this photo of Britney knockoff Jessica Simpson floating around right now, and a lot of people are making fun of it because of the old-school 80s jeans she’s wearing. I say, right on, Jessica. Keep that business under denim where it belongs, and keep smiling.