Star Trek: The Next Generation … of toys

January 22, 2009

USA Today has unveiled the new Playmates toys being launched this year to accompany this spring’s Star Trek movie release. So you might as well consider this an advance look at everything I will be buying this year for my kids … yeah, for my kids, honest.

The new toys include:

  • A series of 12-inch figures (above)
  • A series of 6-inch figures, more like the 1990s versions
  • A series of 3 3/4-inch figures
  • Playsets, including the first full bridge playset since the 1970s, scaled for the smallest of the figures
  • Communicators, phasers and tricorders
  • The Enterprise, a 14-inch electronic model

Other companies have new product on the way, including Mattel’s Trek Barbies and a series of radio-controlled flying starships from Tyco.

Here’s a slide show at the USA Today site.

The new toys hit stores April 19.

I was sort of okay with the first six-inch figure  revealed last week, but it looked a little cartoony for my tastes. That hearkened back to the mid-90s Playmates Next Gen figures, which had the same chunky look. From what I see here of the 12-inch figures, well, that’s a little better. Hard to tell in the small photo, though. And we haven’t seen enough of the small figure line. Those are aimed more at kids than collectors; I know my kids will love them. Well, I hope they will. I have to get these kids into Trek somehow …

The toy I await most eagerly is the four-foot flying electronic R/C Enterprise. I live in a huge hay field, with plenty of open sky. I suspect a Starship may be orbiting my house in the near future …

All in all, though, nothing beats those old Mego figures. Replica reissues are available — including a new Space Seed Khan figure — but the originals were the best ever made. You can see them here.

(This is the only blog in the world where you can read about toys, classic documentaries and racist morons on the same day)



  1. Why on earth is there going to be THREE sizes of figure?! This rivals the Lucas/Hasbro shenanigans.

  2. Why, Jakob? Because they can.

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