Starbase 66, Episode 3

January 19, 2009

Rick, Karen and I were joined by Mark, all the way from California, for the latest episode of Starbase 66, in which we look at how gay and lesbian characters have been treated — or not treated, as it were — in Star Trek and science fiction.

Starbase 66 is warping right along — we’re getting great reviews, and our listening base is growing with each episode. Best of all, we’re having a ton of fun doing this.

Mark also helped me out with the latest episode of Big Bad Hair, a talk about Prince’s landmark Purple Rain album.

Both podcasts are available via iTunes, or you can visit the sites to hear them. Give us some feedback — we love hearing from listeners.



  1. I’m looking forward to this episode, I’ve wanted to hear a discussion on the issue for awhile 🙂

  2. Excellent episode. I sent an email to the Starbase66 address with my thoughts.

  3. This episode was splendid, Though the Battlestar Galactica spoiler by Mark was unexpected. I forgave him since it was pertinent to the subject matter at hand. (not that I wouldn’t have forgiven him otherwise 😛 )

    Even though I am not a Star Trek fan I get a lot out of this show’s discussions of ethics and not to forget the funny moments which are inevitable when three intelligent people come together to confabulate about something close to their hearts.

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