New Star Trek Action Figures

January 17, 2009

Once again, trekmovie.com is at Warp 9 with early images of the new Trek movie action figures.

Click here to see Chris Pine as Kirk, then come back.

What did you think? I wasn’t nuts about the uniform sweater, which looks a little … knitted. And for some reason, the Captain Kirk Action Figure is being played by Joshua Jackson.

But all in all, this is new Trek toys, so it’s all okay. This is one of the 6-inch figures; there will be smaller ones and larger ones, as well. Of particular interest is the phaser, our first good look at what J.J. Abrams is doing with the weapon of choice of Starfleet. I’m okay with it, although it’s a bit too silver …

I’m going to go broke this spring. I just know it.


One comment

  1. Ok, that phaser is the ugliest thing I’ve seen in ages.

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