Sometimes Will Smith Just Isn’t Right For The Part II

January 16, 2009

Remember how I told you Will Smith was being eyed for the role of Captain Nemo? I thought that sucked. Marius then reminded me that Will Smith played Jim West in Wild Wild West, because I had blocked that whole thing from my memory, even Salma Hayek.

Now there’s word that Will Smith has called dibs on playing Barack Obama. I can see that, sort of. We forget, I think, that Smith is a pretty decent actor, mainly because he tends to play wiseasses and his face looks like it had a smirk tattooed on it when he was about 13.

Look back, though, at The Pursuit of Happyness and this year’s Seven Pounds. Regardless of what you thought of them, both films showcase Smith’s ability to pull off dramatic roles. And then there’s Ali; Smith was great in it, but he clearly wasn’t doing an Ali impersonation.

So I can see him as Obama. It could be good. Cast Regina King as Michelle Obama, Emma Thompson as Hillary, pull a few SNLers for other roles (including Tina Fey, natch) and let them cut their dramatic teeth in an epic biopic, and you might have something. I would also suggest Richard Dreyfuss as McCain, Hurley (from Lost) as Bill Richardson and the cast of Gossip Girl as the Palin kids.



  1. I seem to remember that Barack Obama himself said Will Smith could play him.

    I disagree with Emma Thompson as Hillary Clinton, though … I’m just not seeing it.

  2. Saw “Seven pounds” today and can confirm it’s a Smith showcase, the worst thing is that it’s nothing more than that.

    The pursuit of happiness worked for me , but this was a preposterous mess .

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