Breaking News: Sarah Palin Still A Moron

January 16, 2009
Did that mean lady scare you, beluga?

"Did that mean lady scare you, beluga?"

We interrupt all this talk about Star Trek and comic books to bring you this breaking news story: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who botched a run for the vice-presidency last year, is stupid.

Today, the well-regarded wildlife expert (“You can see birds from my house!”) revealed that her state will fight the federal government’s designation of Cook Inlet’s 300 or so beluga whales as endangered. Alaska plans to sue D.C., claiming the feds didn’t take into account all the work Alaska has done to preserve and protect belugas, who aren’t actually endangered anyway, she points out. She isn’t saying it, but protecting belugas — and polar bears, a move she has also fought — would interfere with oil drilling in Cook Inlet. She isn’t saying that. Not sure why.

It turns out Palin knows for a gosh-darned fact that them belugas aren’t endangered at all, you know. She says them experts who say belugas have 100 years left before extinction, well, they just don’t understand Alaskans or something.

“Once again Governor Palin has demonstrated either a complete lack of understanding or lack of concern over the plight of endangered species,” Brendan Cummings of the Center for Diversity Control told reporters yesterday.

Let’s not forget — Sarah Palin is the same person who called bloggers “liars” this week, which is why I’m not pointing out that Palin has a stuffed beluga over her mantle, right above the polar-bearskin rug. That would not be true.



  1. Ugh!

  2. You poor pathetic moron, your smug and mean comments show why you and your type are completely with out a clue of what real life is about.

  3. Well, for a start, hanley, most people capitalize their names, and without is one word. If you truly think Sarah Palin would have made a good Vice President, then I fear you are the poor, pathetic, moron. But that’s ok, there’s room for hate-filled losers in the real America.

  4. I don’t capitalize my name. But then again, I’m an anonymous blogger.

  5. So, if someone thinks Sarah Palin would made a good Vice President, they are a hate-filled loser? I rest my case. Very small thinking.

  6. Thanks, hanley. I agree with you 100%. I hope you continue to read Weather Station 1 daily.

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